Senology is the branch of medicine that studies breast diseases. It is a complex field that was specifically developed in the last decades becoming an object of study for many specialist branches:

endocrinology, radiology, oncology, surgery, pathologic anatomy, whereas in the past it was almost exclusively attributable to the field of gynaecology as the breast is typically considered a female organ. In fact, breasts are also present in males, albeit in rudimentary form, and they are also subject to various serious diseases.

Many specialists pay specific attention to the breast because it is particularly affected by malignant tumours which is the leading cause of death in women. Current knowledge in the field of oncology and through the experience gained over many years have shown that such a complex disease requires a multidisciplinary approach at the time of diagnosis (by sonographer and radiologist) during staging (by pathologist) and when choosing treatment (surgeon, radiotherapist, oncologist, endocrinologist) so as to involve more professional expertise. Senology has thus gained its own “specific” disciplinary status in the field of medicine.

Senology aims to fight a disease that dramatically threatens the lives of women; women who could have been saved if the cancer had been detected early. An early diagnosis or even better, in the preclinical phase, would not only save their lives but it also would save the breast area from mutilating interventions.
The latter aspect is very significant given the extraordinary role breasts have in a woman’s life.


Services provided at the Dalla Rosa Prati Medical Center:

  • Specialist visit + breast ultrasound + ultrasound guided fine-needle aspiration of problematic lesions.
  • Ultrasound guided cutting-needle biopsy that obtains more tissue than the fine-needle aspiration for a more precise and thorough examination (can be performed in the medical centre or in operating room with anaesthesia for more complex cases and for anxious patients).
  • Small interventions for the removal of suspicious lumps under local anaesthesia and anaesthesia assistance.
  • Interdisciplinary approach to breast diseases with the collaboration of a radiologist.



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