Robotic Orthopaedic Surgery

The first European Center specialized in Robotic Surgery in Verona


By establishing the European Center for Robotic Orthopaedic Surgery (CORE), the Clinica San Francesco is a real point of reference for knee and hip surgery.

The CORE, in February 2013, was recognized by Mako Surgical as the first European Official Training Center for unicompartmental knee replacement (MAKOplasty), becoming a landmark and training school for orthopaedic surgeons from all over the world.

The Center conducts an intense activity of data collection related to the operations performed that are then presented in many national and international orthopaedic meetings, often attended by Italian and foreign surgeons in order to learn this innovative procedure.

The robotic prosthetic surgery, named Makoplasty, minimizes the complications during prosthesis implant operations and accelerates the rehabilitation time of patient.

Thanks to Mako Rio robot, orthopaedic surgeons can operate, using a minimally invasive procedure that reduces greatly the patient’s post-operative pain, and prevent on the one hand dysmetria and luxation troubles regarding hip operations, on the other hand achieve a perfect ligament balancing in knee operations.

The motor re-education begins the day after hip or knee operation. The post-operative stay is considerably reduced and, in Makoplasty unicompartmental knee replacement, allows to discharge around 70% of patients (Fast Track) three day after (operation).






Robotic Hip Replacement

Robotic hip replacement is a minimally invasive robotic procedure that provides better results in terms of implant placement, stability and recovery.


Robotic Knee Replacement

This operation reduces prosthesis positioning errors and, thanks to minimally invasive surgery, allows patient to walk out of our clinic within 24 hours after surgery.


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