Centers of Excellence


Villa Von Siebenthal Nursing Home is one of the leading neuropsychiatric facilities in the region. Accredited by the National Health System, it welcomes patients from various Mental Health Centres in the region and guarantees high-level assistance.

Our headquarter Via della Madonnina, 1 - 00045 Genzano (Roma)

Phone +39 06 93 39 18 01



Villa Von Siebenthal is a psychiatric residential facility with 90 beds. It was the first accredited structure in the Lazio Region for EXTENSIVE psychiatric treatment of adolescents, and the only NATIONAL centre for INTENSIVE psychiatric treatment of adolescents.

An accredited structure that admits adult patients with mental disorders on a voluntary basis, both in acute and post-acute care. It also integrates them into the therapeutic-rehabilitative community, located inside the Nursing Home, and recovers patients with drug addiction.

The structure further represents, both nationally and internationally, a point of reference for scientific research on psychiatric disorders and clinical approaches. The Professional Team is led by Prof. Sergio De Filippis, Chief Medical Director of the Structure, a well-known name in the sector.

Villa Von Siebenthal’s mission is based on taking an integrated approach to the patient.