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A multi-speciality hospital active in Siena since 1932. The hospital, accredited by the National Health Service, guarantees high-quality surgical and diagnostic services in the following areas of specialization: orthopaedics, general surgery, ophthalmology, urology, otorhinolaryngology and intensive neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation.

Our headquarter SR 222 Chiantigiana - Monteriggioni – 53035 Siena

Phone +39 0577 57 83 11



An accredited multi-speciality hospital, active in Siena since 1932.

It has 80 beds available for:

General surgeryUrology
OphthalmologyNeuromotor rehabilitation
Diagnostic imaging 

The professionalism of its operators, the medical-scientific techniques used, the high standards of services and assistance provided, and the elevated level of environmental comfort, allow the facility to respond efficiently and quickly to the different needs and requests of patients, and to ensure the provision of reliable and appropriate services. Quality care helps patients recover more quickly, thereby optimizing therapeutic results.

Our warm hospitality favours a family environment. Personal contact and availability of staff facilitate dialogue with professionals and collaborators and improve interpersonal relations.

These factors, progressively perfected over time, are even more current today, and are in line with the major goals that inspired Rugani Hospital: the right to health, efficiency, objectivity.

Over the years, our healthcare activites have been reinforced: increased professional services now guarantee the hospitalization of 3,000 patients per annum, of which over 400 are for hip/knee replacement surgery, and over 16,500 radiological diagnostic services and outpatient surgery services, which include cataract surgery for more than 1,200 patients covered by USL 7 (Local Health Unit n° 7) of the Tuscany Region and of other regions.

The hospital is located in a strategic area, on the borderline with the Municipality of Siena, and is easily accessible from the main roads.