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Ospedali Privati Riuniti SpA is the holding company of Nigrisoli and Villa Regina accredited private hospitals. The two hospitals have separate healthcare authorizations and accreditation. The two hospitals have obtained certification of their quality system based on the ISO 9001 standard for the provision of healthcare services. Furthermore, the Accredited Private Hospital Nigrisoli has obtained provisional accreditation from the Emilia-Romagna region as a Provider for ECM training (Continuous Education in Medicine) and it is certified ISO 9001 for the project and management of training events.

Our headquarter Viale Ercolani 9, 40138 Bologna

Phone 051 396411




The Accredited Private Certified Hospital Nigrisoli is one of the historical hospitals in Bologna: inaugurated at the beginning of the 20th century thanks to the resourcefulness of the two Nigrisoli brothers, both doctors, it is located in the heart of Bologna. By being inside a park of more than 10,000 sq. m, it ensures patients peace and quietness.

The Accredited Private Certified Hospital Nigrisoli offers an extensive hospital and medical care service, as well as numerous instrumental diagnostic services. The medical staff, coupled with state-of-the-art instrumental and technological equipment, ensures high levels of quality care for people.

The hospital’s healthcare is available to patients both privately and in accreditation with the National Health Service. The facility has 120 beds used for the hospitalization of patients and for the following medical branches: general medicine, recovery and functional re-education, long-term care and extensive rehabilitation, general surgery, orthopedics, urology. 



The Accredited Private Hospital Villa Regina was born in 1955 on behalf of the renowned surgeon Gaetano Placitelli. The property is located at the entrance of the Bologna’s historical center and is surrounded by a 3,000 sq. m park close to Giardini Margherita (Gardens) green setting.

The medical and nursing staff of the facility, coupled with a modern and innovative technology equipment, offer the highest quality standards in people’s care.

The Healthcare Unit offers many services for outpatients as well as medical care for the hospitalized both privately and accredited with the National Health Service.

Hospitalization takes place either in an ordinary way or as a one day’s surgery, with 50 beds in total (45 of which are accredited). The following medical branches are part of the healthcare: General Surgery, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, General Medicine, Otorhinolaryngology, Urology, Functional Recovery and Rehabilitation, Long Term Care.