Centers of Excellence


A long-term care structure specializing in motor, pulmonary and neurological rehabilitation. It also provides specialist outpatient services.

Our headquarter Via per Miazzina, 16 – 28814 - Cambiasca (VB)

Phone +39 0323 55 37 00



An accredited nursing home, specialized in motor, pulmonary and neurological rehabilitation.

It has 270 hospital beds, all NHS accredited, of which:

  • 120 for long-term hospital stays
  • 150 for first and second level fu ctional recovery and rehabilitation

The structure has an additional 39 beds, all NHS accredited, distributed as follows:

  • 10 for patients in a persistent vegetative state (PVS)
  • 10 for patients with highly complex neurodegenerative diseases (Nucleo Alta Complessità – NAC)
  • 19 assisted healthcare residences (RSA)

Inpatients activities are accompanied by specialist outpatient activities:

The Eremo di Miazzina provides the following NHS-accredited services:

CardiologyFunctional recovery and rehabilitation (Rrf), including speech therapy
Laboratory testsOphthalmology
PneumologyPosturology and urogynaecological rehabilitation
Radiology (including ultrasound and mammography) 


Offers private specialized medical consultations in:

AngiologyGeneral surgery
GynaecologyNeurology, with electromyograms and evoked potentials


The Eremo di Miazzina is one of the leading rehabilitation centres in the Piedmont region. It is accredited by the National Health System and has an agreement with the Asl Vco (Local Health Authority of Verbano Cusio Ossola) for competitive and non-competitive sport consultations.

The building resembles an early twentieth century Swiss hotel with its large halls, dining room and guest lounge. It is able to accommodate patients in perfect comfort.

Outpatient activities, including doctors’ offices, diagnostic centres, gyms and physiotherapy equipment, takes place in the Cadorna di Pallanza building, a splendid historical site that belonged to the well-known General Raffaele.