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A Long-term care facility for functional, pulmonary and neuromotor recovery, including specialist outpatient services.

Our headquarter Via Albertini, 21 - 28883 Gravellona Toce (Vb)

Phone +39 0323 84991



A nursing home accredited in post-traumatic and post-operative (post-acute) care for motor, neurological and pulmonary recovery and rehabilitation.  Medical examination for sports ability is also available.

It is named after Prof. Raffaele Garofalo, founder of the Group.

It admits patients in different phases of their clinical path (from hospital structures, the region or from home). The facility takes a multi-specialist therapeutic approach thanks to the presence of specialized and experienced staff.

The Raffaele Garofalo Institute has an outpatient clinic that provides specialist diagnosis and treatment, both for NHS and private patients. It has two large gyms with state-of-the-art equipment and a computerized aquatic therapy pool with vascular paths and externally controlled underwater video cameras.

The structure also has a radiology department with traditional equipment, a new generation low radiation mammography and an innovative DEXA scan.

The outpatient neurophysiology unit is equipped with electromyograms (EMG), evoked potentials (EP) and electro encephalogram (EEG). While the outpatient cardiology unit provides heart examinations, echocardiographic examinations, dynamic diagnostic tests with Holter electrocardiogram monitoring under stress.

The ophthalmology department has two specialized outpatient clinics and a modern operating theatre fully equipped for all types of ophthalmic surgical procedures, as well as day surgery beds.

It is located in a strategic position, very close to the Gravellona Toce motorway junction, and is easily reachable from many directions.

The Raffaele Garofalo Institute belongs to the Eremo di Miazzina SpA (Legal Office: Via Per Miazzina, 16 - 28814 Cambiasca (VB) VAT Code 01823600034 Fiscal Code 05788741006 PEC:

L'Eremo di Miazzina is a company subject to the direction and coordination of the Garofalo Health Care S.p.A.