Centers of Excellence


The Samadi Psychiatric Residential Facility is a psychiatric residential facility authorized and accredited by the Regional Health Service, equipped with 68 beds.

Our headquarter Via di Grottarossa Km. 2.200 - Roma

Phone +39 06 330141



The activities carried out are aimed at the care and rehabilitation of patients with psychiatric illnesses.

The assistance provided by Samadi in the field of mental health and related disorders is divided into 4 different types of healthcare, rehabilitative and social interventions:

  • S.T.P.I.T Structure for Intensive Territorial Psychiatric Treatments – 30 beds
  • S.R.T.R. i. Intensive Therapeutic Rehabilitation Residential Facility – 10 beds

These facilities implement medical, psychological and rehabilitative interventions for users with serious impairments in personal, relational and social functioning. The intervention is consequently multidisciplinary, implementing intensive programs in the clinical (medical and psychological), rehabilitation and resocialization areas.

  • S.R.T.R.e. Extensive Therapeutic Rehabilitation Residential Facility – 10 beds
  • S.R.S.R. 24 High-care social-rehabilitation residential facility – 18 beds

These facilities implement therapeutic-rehabilitative treatments which involve lower intensity clinical activity and a greater presence of rehabilitation and socialization activities. The users involved are supported in recovering autonomy in the areas of self-care and environmental care, relational competence, economic management and social skills.