Centers of Excellence


European Hospital is a multi-specialist acute care facility equipped with 144 authorized beds, of which 51 are accredited with the National Health Service (NHS) in the specialties of cardiology and cardiac surgery for which it now has a tradition of almost 40 years, with a considerable wealth of acquired scientific research.

Our headquarter Via Portuense, 700, 00149 Roma

Phone +39 06 659751



Cardiology and cardiac surgery center of excellence, whose high quality of care has made it a point of reference at national level.

The structure also welcomes all other medical-surgical, diagnostic and outpatient specialties on a private basis, with professionals of high standing, making the structure attractive even in a private sector.

The facility also has a highly established level III medically assisted procreation centre.

The fundamental lines on which European Hospital has based its types of care and the methods of diagnosis and treatment are aimed at considering the patient/client the central element, the figure on which to focus the maximum commitment of all operators. This can be highlighted in the structural choices: from technologies to activated specialties, to care paths and finally to the choice of professionals, nursing and technical staff and the company management itself.

The aim of the European Hospital is to protect the right to health of every citizen, also attributing to the same the power of direct control over the quality of the services provided, in terms of efficiency, personalization and effectiveness.